Keane Organization & Design - The Process, Rates & Payments
Keane Organization & Design - Restoring harmony to your home and office.
The Process, Rates & Payments 

  • The process begins through a series of questions to determine which areas of your home are causing you the most discomfort and how you would like to use your space in its ideal form.  A mutually convenient time will be scheduled to assess your room(s), take photos and measurements, and list existing products that can be re-purposed and list what needs to be purchased. Depending on your goals we can either start the purging process right away or Lisa can come back with a game plan and the necessary project materials to accomplish your goals. Depending on the size of your job, this may be a several day, or week-long process. 
  • Lisa will be conscientious of your budget, keeping you aware of where we are at in the process.  She will try to re-purpose as many or as much of your existing products when possible, if you so desire. Or, she can assist in the planning and purchase of the ideal products for your application.

  • Organizational projects are based on the rate of $65 per hour, with a three hour minimum per day, and not by the project; as projects can be unpredictable once they begin.  A rough estimate can be provided as to how many hours it may take to accomplish your project, with the understanding that it will change if we encounter unexpected factors.  

  • Lisa gets many requests from clients in outlying areas and is happy to accommodate them, however, hourly rates apply to travel time, but do count toward the three hour daily minimum.

  • Keane Organization accepts payment by check or via PayPal.

  • Payment is due at time of service.

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